breadboard card reader

card reader

Alright so after the CMoy amplifier I set about for something more fun. I stumbled upon an open source program called Stripe Snoop I quickly bought a Omron V3A card reader from digikey and set about hooking it up to my mac book via USB. The card reader comes with no wires attached and then you have to pop open the sides and either connect a really tiny hard to find molex connector or there are pads in front of the pin connector that you can solder directly to. So I decided to just solder directly to the pads. But first I needed to create my cable. I decided that since this was going to be something to play with that I wanted to be able to connect it to my breadboard, so I went out and bought a DB9 connector. I used all the individual pins to crimp onto the wires and make something that would fit into my breadboard easier. Then all I had to do was solder up the wires and snap the case back on. It worked great! I hooked up some simple LEDs to the card detect pin and PWR and GND and could swipe cards and light the LED. The next step was to wire it up to my AVR micro and then connect the AVR through my FTDI 232 breakout board to my laptop. Well I connected that all up but so far have been to lazy to write the firmware to get it all talking together. Just one more thing on my list of things to do.


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