busy days of spring

So I haven’t posted anything lately. And all in all I haven’t really finished any projects lately yet either. I haven’t made any headway on the frequency counter because I haven’t bought the parts I need. I did manage to snag some awesome old Atari joysticks at a church rummage sale. The plan is to convert them to wireless so they can control other things. Last week I attended TI Tech Days 2008. It was a good event. I didn’t pay anything because Digikey sent me a “don’t pay for this event” coupon in the email. They had some good talks on Zigbee and charging lithium ion batteries. I ordered up a neat like 40 dollar TI wireless dev kit that consists of a MSP430 chip and a CC2500 chip. I’m hoping that I can use those for the wireless Atari joy sticks. Also I’ve started building another robot.

J-R the Robot

My daughter has named him J-R. Couple things about him. His body is made of 1/16 inch aluminum, which sucks to cut and drill and bend when all you have is a hack saw, power drill and a counter edge. I went and picked up the aluminum pieces this weekend and since I’m sorta measurement retarded was surprised and how thick it was. Also there’s a couple parts made out of 1/4 inch aluminum bar and this time I was surprised at how small it was. I had to make the parts a couple times over because it was so tiny and the drill holes kept getting messed up. Overall he looks pretty good, not so straight, but straight enough. I have to get a Tamiya dual motor setup and a Sharp GP2D12 infrared sensor and then a bunch of various other components. I’m hoping I’ll be able to wire him up in the next month and then start programming.

Anyway, hopefully in the coming months I’ll get some more projects finished. So stay tuned


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  1. nice bot.
    Is the plan to have the left and right legs move independently? I guess you’d have to in order to make any turns.
    Any idea how much weight he can support?

  2. Yeah so the left and right side move independently. All three legs on each side are linked together and then there are two motors one for each side. So it’ll be able to go forward, backwards and turn left or right. As far as how much weight it could support? I’m not sure. The 1/16inch aluminum for the body is pretty thick. I would think a fair amount. It’ll need to hold 4 AA batteries underneath the body and then the PCB and a 9 volt batter on top along with the motor.

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