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Tektronix 7633

Tek 7633

Just a quick post about this awesome score I just made on Craigslist. I’ve been looking for a basic analog oscilloscope for a while. Everybody always seems to recommend the Tektronix 465. Go to eBay right now and you’ll see them selling from anywhere between $200 – $400 dollars. This seems ridiculous to me. Anyway I saw this on Craiglist the other day for $50 bucks and went straight out and picked it up.

This is a Tektronix 7633 modular oscilloscope. It came with a 7B53A Dual Time Base, a 7A18 75MHz Dual-Channel Amplifier and a 7A26 200 MHz Dual-Channel Amplifier. What all this means, is rather than just a basic two channel analog oscilloscope, I now have a fancy 4 channel scope with tons more functionality than a basic Tek 465. I’m still pouring over all the manuals but this thing has single shot triggers and does waveform storage of some sort and all sorts of stuff. Very fancy! New in the early 80s this baby cost anywhere from $5,000 – $10,000 dollars. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more cool stuff to come using it.